Digital Marketing Services

The realm of digital marketing is ever-expanding, requiring marketers like myself to find new solutions for new problems as they arise. Thankfully, the toolbox that digital marketing service providers have at their fingertips has grown with the industry expansion too. Keeping up with new user devices, behavior, apps, algorithm updates, marketing platforms, social accounts – the list goes on, can be difficult – nearly impossible. Finding the right digital marketing services and tools that work for your company and your customers doesn’t have to be your job if someone else can do it for you though.

Working with a wide variety of clients and on personal projects has led me to search for digital marketing solutions for different business goals. Some clients have a website that converts like Tom Brady on 3rd downs, but don’t have enough traffic to get the number of leads they need. Others actually have too much traffic, and need to cut back to filter out the junk to make their digital marketing campaigns profitable. Seeking out solutions for these types of problems has helped to expand the digital marketing services that I can provide to clients, with the experience needed to forecast how certain strategies will perform.

While every client needs their own custom digital marketing plan, almost all use the following services on an ongoing basis. SEO, PPC, Email & Social Media are essential to growing any business online, and now matter how much work you’ve already done – there’s always more that can be done in these digital marketing channels. There is no magic bullet or secret formula to grow your company’s digital presence overnight, but a good strategy combined with solid execution can help you increase valuable traffic in these “default channel groupings” over time.

Sure, You CAN Run One Channel Without the Others

Just need a boost in traffic – turn on some paid campaigns. Want to boost sales – hit your email list with a discount offer. You get the idea. Cherry picking digital marketing services is always an option, but almost never advised. Asking myself “what would I do if this was MY business” when working on a client’s account always leads me back to running these four channels, plus any others that would be suitable for the businesses goals. Of course I try to upsell my clients, when I know that it’s something that will benefit them and maximize impact of the work being done.

Increase traffic via Paid Campaigns for terms that convert but don’t rank well organically. Create content using target keywords that convert via Adwords, but don’t produce any organic traffic. Once again, you get the idea. Running a combination of digital marketing services concurrently benefits all channels simultaneously. The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

But Not All Digital Services are Equal

Some accounts focus primarily on SEO with the other channels sharing a smaller percentage of budget and effort. Other need to spend more time and money on PPC to jump-start website traffic and user data collection via Google Analytics, while putting less resources into their email approach. Articles below focus on a combination of digital marketing services that influence each other with unique circumstances in each case. Whether finding a more efficient way to divide an online budget among services or reporting exponential growth due to complimentary campaign efforts, I’ll share it with you here.