Brand Awareness

Effective digital branding can make your company the obvious choice when your target audience is ready to buy. Not everyone needs, wants or can afford your products or services today, but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore that group online. By clearly defining your target audience that have proven to produce for your business or industry, you can¬†create a complete digital marketing strategy that includes brand awareness tactics. Because this strategy isn’t designed for immediate results but still still requires resources, you should start with a core target audience, and define secondary / tertiary groupings that can be added when it comes time to scale your efforts.

There aren’t many digital marketers who would tell you that click to conversion isn’t the goal of your campaigns online. There are ways to measure the impact of your brand awareness campaigns over time, but some direct tracking attribution for this approach is bound to be lost in the process. And that’s OK.¬†There is a reason that the (direct) / (none) traffic in Google Analytics produces so many conversions for you.

Brand Awareness campaigns utilizes SEO, PPC, and Social Media for introduction and audience nurturing. A carefully crafted awareness campaign will strategically define the brand’s products or services, why you’re better than the competition and how they will benefit by taking the next step with your company. You’ll want to be selective when deciding which images & messaging you want to use as first introduction and when continuing the conversation with engaged followers online. But before you can launch…

Who Are You?

I woke up in a SoHo doorway. Never mind. Before you can launch a digital awareness strategy, you need to come up with some parameters for brand identity so that you can come up with the look and feel of your approach. The tone that you use should be consistent, and represent your target consumer. Taking the time to decide if you are going to take a playful, less serious position with your audience in favor of a more straight forward angle will help to define your entire brand awareness approach.

A complete campaign would take different levels of audience engagement into consideration as well. Your first introduction needs to grab the users attention and let them know you have what they want / need. Use social media to keep them up to date with changes / improvements. Angle website copy to reflect initial interactions offsite with more detail and information while maintaining the initial defined tone.

Your Digital Branding Will Reflect Your People

Building awareness will position your brand for long term digital growth, and is likely to change over time. Your staff and customers should shape the language that is used in branding efforts through paid media, website content and social posts. Finding the most common phrases they use, ways they ask questions about your company or initial reactions they have when learning what you offer is all perfect fodder for building your branding campaign online. I hope I’m speaking your language in the articles below.